Zoom Event Hosting

Cooperation Eugene wants to facilitate collaboration among activists working toward solutions. Our Zoom event hosting service has evolved organically as the pandemic has changed the way we all meet so dramatically and quickly, and is helping us achieve our mission to get people and groups working together for more economic democracy.

If you are planning an online event that falls under the banner of the regenerative economy in our area, and would like someone to provide a Zoom account and the technical expertise to help you run the event smoothly and securely, get in touch with us to discuss the possibility of our involvement. If it seems like a good fit we’ll help out, and at no charge! We can also record the session and make it available to the general public on YouTube so it will be available as a training tool, or to folks who were unable to attend.

Great examples are people working on issues related to housing affordability, houselessness, racial justice, cooperatives, economic localization and resiliency, and community economic development. You can visit our new YouTube channel as well where we’ll be posting videos of online events going forward.

If you are interested send us a message.