Webinar Series With Jan Spencer

We are working with Jan Spencer to help produce his series of 7 Zoom presentations called “Towards a Healthy Society, Economy and Planet”. The first was recorded 2 weeks ago called “Transforming a Suburban Property”. The second was recorded yesterday called “Allies, Assets, and Actions in The Community”. Both can be found on our YouTube channel or on Jan’s channel which is linked from his website SuburbanPermaculture.org.

Here is the schedule for the final 5 presentations:

  • 3 – Thursday, Oct 8, 7 PM, One Earth Lifestyles
  • 4 – Thursday, Oct 22, 7 PM, Critique of Market Capitalism
  • 5 – Thursday, Nov 5, 7 PM, Pushing Back Against Cars
  • 6 – Wednesday, Nov 18, 7 PM, Preview of A Preferred Future
  • 7 – Thursday, Dec 3, 7 PM, Systems Change

The presentations are happening over Zoom and you can join with the meeting code: 912 8956 7710 and the pass code is: 7544432

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