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Collaboration Circle Update & Next Meeting

A big thanks to everyone who gathered for the first Collaboration Circle! It was very informative to hear more about what people and groups in our local community are working on, as well as what we are most interested in and concerned about. We had the opportunity to hear about the tiny house cooperative Emerald Village, which is an innovative example of a group working together with the community to create an affordable housing solution. Housing affordability emerged as the dominant theme of the evening.

We are looking forward to making this meeting a monthly event and an opportunity to have a community round-table where we can work to build a living network that connects individuals and groups that are focused on regenerative solutions to democratize our local economy. Let’s work together to increase collaboration and break down the silos that separate us! The next meeting will be at Emerald Village Community Room, 25 N. Polk at Railroad Ave (please park on Polk or in the lot across Polk from Emerald Village), 7pm Thursday January 9th, and we look forward to seeing you!

Study Circle January Event

We expect an interesting, real-world discussion this month. Cooperation Eugene is planning to host an economic democracy summit toward the end of 2020. This is a forum in which leaders from around Eugene from various sectors are invited to a discussion where we pose that the problems we all face are from a single underlying cause and the solutions lie in our ability to understand this and unite.

Poughkeepsie, NY, held a summit similar to this and wrote up a PDF how-to document which you will find here. The Study Circle discussion will consider how we can create a Eugene version of that project. Please read it sooner rather than later because you may wish to come to this one even if you’ve not attended previously, or invite someone you know who would be interested!

See our Study Circle page for more information.

Lane Service Sharing Network – Time Bank

LSSN is already making strides to demonstrate that a more friendly and community oriented economy is possible. We look forward to continuing to grow our sharing community in the new year. Please join us!

Cooperation Eugene is on Meetup.com

Now there’s another way to stay in touch with us. We’ve joined Meetup.com and you can join our events by visiting:

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