Updates & Opportunities – March 2020

Hopefully this newsletter finds you all in good health and out enjoying the nice weather we’ve been having lately! Here’s what’s coming up on the CE calendar:

Economic Democracy
Cooperation Eugene is recruiting a team to organize a Regenerative Futures Summit. We want to bring together the many amazing projects in Eugene that are building new models to meet basic needs locally and build community wealth. How can we cross-pollinate silos and scale up  community based systems? 

If you are a systems thinker and want a project that you can dig into, or if you want to help out organizing community conversations, or if you do research or make info-graphics, we could use your help! Figure more or less one meeting for 2 hours a week plus individual projects or team work. We are learning while doing and welcome your voice. Email Clare at: clarestrawn [at] gmail [dot] com or call: 541-285-4504.

Study Circle
Our next meeting will be on April 7th. Check the Study Circle webpage soon for more details.

Lane Service Sharing Network Potluck
Want to live in a world that is beyond work that is unfulfilling? Where we can meet each other’s needs and get ours met as well? This is the first step. We will share food and share the gifts and talents we would like to share, and the needs and wants we would love our community to help with. The meeting of real needs forms a different kind of community. Come share!

Friday March 27th, 6-8:30 pm at McNail-Riley house 601 W 13th in Eugene, Dishes provided.

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