Study Circle

The Cooperation Eugene Study Circle learns about the theory and practice of systems change for the regenerative economy. We organize monthly conversations about books, articles, movies, podcasts, videos, etc. that address “What’s next?” more than “What’s wrong?” We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 7 pm at Maitrya EcoVillage 1641 West Broadway.

Membership consists of an email list that will be notified of upcoming titles. To get on the list, or if you have any questions send email to: StudyCircle [at] CooperationEugene [dot] org or call Alberta at 818-903-6125. Members can choose to attend only the meetings with topics of interest to them.

A 4-person selection committee takes recommendations for material that members have previously reviewed and determined to be in the scope of the group.

Join us for an educational discussion!

Upcoming Meetings

August 6th – We will be discussing Starhawk’s novel “Fifth Sacred Thing” the story of when a dystopia and a utopia meet in 2048 San Francisco.

September 3rd – Our discussion will be on “Community: The structure of belonging” by Peter Block (2009). This book discusses ways to change how we think about transforming community. It challenges common thinking about how to approach change: thinking that the aggregate of individuals will change the collective community, focusing on speed and scale of change, delegating responsibility to top leaders. Instead it suggests an emphasis on context, relatedness, and getting the questions right