Newswire For Local Eugene News

The Eugene Community Newswire (ECN) is a new website located at that aims to become Eugene’s hub for the kind of local news reporting that doesn’t make headlines in the corporate media, but that is nonetheless vitally important to those that would like be (and feel) more involved in what is happening in town.

The website is designed to foster a network of community journalists, who are in touch with what is going on locally, and can write up and submit articles to the website, as well as a more informed community of news readers who have a place to go for exposure to news from a broad spectrum of local sources. Check it out, and pass the word along!

If you are interested in submitting content but don’t feel like you know how to investigate or write up a good article, the Corporation for Public Community Newspapers is a site partner and offers free assistance in helping to make you a better reporter.

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