Buy Nothing Day

buy nothing day event

We had a nice time at our first Buy-Nothing Day event. It was a great opportunity to meet with friends old and new. We visited, ate snacks, and exchanged things from our lives that we wanted to gift. It felt like a cross between a silent auction and Christmas morning as the gifts were given to those that wanted them most. We are looking forward to doing this again down the road since it was a nice opportunity to step outside of the consumerist aspect of the holiday gift-giving season.

Event: Commoning our Gifts – An opportunity to give and receive

Come Join the Eugene New Economy Working Group at the Eugene Garden Club (1645 High Street) on Buy-Nothing Day (Nov 23rd) to create community prosperity and gratefulness without shopping!

Each person should bring one or more items to donate that they would like to see bring joy to others. Not the things you most want to get rid of, but the best items you feel good about passing on to another. The next step will be to indicate which of the gifted items you would most like to receive. The final step will be an actual giving of the gifts! If you have items that are too large to bring feel free to bring a picture and a description.

The event will run from 1-5pm. Please plan to arrive with your gifts by 2pm. We hope to have all the gifts given away by 4:30pm.

We will also have an area for folks that would like to discuss ideas and network about New Economy related topics as well as a signup sheet where you can indicate your interest in joining a Time Bank service sharing network if one is created here in town.

We need additional volunteers to help set up, greet, process gifts, and clean up. We would also welcome any New Economy related group that would like to have a table at the event. E-mail Amanda at amandaopening (at) gmail dot com if you would like to help with any of these things.

Our First Event Was a Success!

The event on the 28th was great with around 50 people in attendance. We enjoyed watching Fixing The Future and had some productive discussion afterward. There was a video taken which you’ll find below

Our plan is to schedule regular meetings and events to bring in our larger community and keep making progress on our goals as well as give us all a chance to have fun together on a regular basis.

Our first will be on Buy Nothing Day which is Friday the 23rd of November this year and we’re planning a gift giving event. Save the date! We’ll announce the exact time and place once we have all the details worked out.