Lane Service Sharing Network (Time Bank)

The Lane Service Sharing Network (LSSN) is a concrete manifestation of caring community for Eugene, Springfield, and all of Lane County, Oregon. It’s a way for people to give and receive valuable skills outside the monetary economy along the model of a “neighbors helping neighbors” Time Bank or Hours Exchange.

In this type of system 1 hour always equals 1 hour, no matter the service being exchanged. You give your time and skills to someone in the network and receive time credits which you can then use with anyone else in the network for a service they provide.

LSSN allows us to ask the questions, “How can I serve?” and “What do I need?” rather than “Can I afford it?” and “Does it pay enough?”. It gives us a structure to get our needs met through community, even if the mainstream economic system were to collapse.

We are currently in a beta testing phase where early adopters are jumping in to get things going and are helping us smooth out the rough edges in our process by giving feedback as they participate. Anyone is welcome to join at this point! If you live in Eugene, Springfield, or anywhere in Lane County, Oregon, see the “How Do I Become a Participant” page of the LSSN time banking website for more details.