Homes for All – A Call to Action

Call To Action

We issue this call to action to inspire our community to adopt a new approach to addressing its housing problem. Lane County faces the acute challenge of providing adequate low-income housing and the protracted challenge of meeting greenhouse gas reduction goals. The nature of these challenges requires novel solutions involving major shifts in thinking and approach; they cannot be adequately solved within current institutional frameworks or social and political practices.

We propose that multi-dwelling housing projects require an integrative development approach that engages multiple factors in their design and implementation.  This is currently doable with the local expertise, talent, ingenuity, and resources already on hand in our community. However, the necessary convergence of the right people, ideas, and practices, and subsequent movement forward, requires a shift in thinking, an innovative vision of the possible, and a creative plan of implementation. 

Design Challenge

We invite key stakeholders and experts to come together to launch a housing project, the shape and scope of which emerges from grappling with a design challenge articulated through the following three goals and associated parameters: 

Moving Forward

Our strategy for developing this integrative design is to build small teams of people interested in educating themselves and the community about the component parts as they pertain to Homes for All, for example policy, land use, finance/business plan, alternative energy integration, materials and building, community and justice.

These teams are producing webinars for the community about what is involved in each component. Then the design team identifies the relationships between the parts in integrative exercises.

Read and vote for our application to EWEB Green power grant

Feasibility Study for the Integration of Net-Zero  Carbon Utility Systems with Affordable Housing in the  Eugene-Springfield Area

We’ve applied for the @ewebutility Greenpower Grant, and we need your help! The grant awardees are decided by Greenpower customers. Greenpower is a voluntary subscription that funds clean energy in our community. If you are a Greenpower subscriber with EWEB, watch your email for a voting survey on June 18 to 23 and vote for us! If you’re not signed up for Greenpower, there’s still time to join and vote on the grant. Sign up at

Learn More

Read the Homes for All: Call to Action and Design Challenge for analysis of our current context and more details about the design challenge goals and parameters

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