Help Forge a New Circle of Collaboration!

We’ve set a date for the first monthly Cooperation Eugene Collaboration Circle meeting and you are invited! Thursday November 14th from 7-8:30pm at Emerald Village Community Room, 25 N. Polk at Railroad Ave (please park on Polk or in the lot across Polk from Emerald Village).

The agenda will include a brief introduction about what the regenerative economy might look like in Eugene and watch a brief video by Ujima, a new economy organization that is making waves in Boston. We will also make space for all comers to share their related project ideas looking for collaboration.

We have a couple exciting new projects that are in the early stages of development which we will discuss in more detail at the meeting as well:

The first is a Micro Grants program to support projects that are aligned with the mission and aims of our organization. How do we make these decisions? What criteria do you recommend? If these funds were available, do you have a project that needs funding?

Also, we are planning an Economic Democracy Summit that will bring regenerative economy thought leaders together with local key stakeholders and community members to forge new approaches to rebuilding the commons based on successful models in place elsewhere.

The vision for the Collaboration Circle is that it will create opportunities for greater community involvement that are well suited to newcomers and those with busier schedules. We’d like for it become a place where existing projects collaborate, new projects form, and people go to find out more about opportunities. We see it as a place where collaborative outreach events get organized, and community experts join us to lend their advice. We are also looking forward to seeing what ideas you have to contribute!

Please join us on Nov 14th!

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