April 2019 Announcements

What is the New Economy? We know what the problems are. Now let’s get to solutions! Cooperation Eugene invites you to a discussion at The Eugene Garden Club (1645 High Street) on Friday April 26th from 6:30-8:30pm. (free)

Join us as we explore how our most vexing societal issues, such as income inequality and environmental degradation, have their roots in the way our economy works. Then we’ll look at some of the things groups do as they work to transform our economy from a giant world-devouring machine into something more cooperative that holds sustainability in its core along with supporting the needs of humanity and the natural world.null

Our New Resources Directory is Up And Running

We’re working to make it easier to discover what’s going on with the New Economy in Eugene by mapping our assets. Our new directory and project endeavor to connect the dots between related organizatio#ns and resources, to identify gaps and overlaps in the services that are available locally, and to encourage cooperation. We’ve started adding organizations and other resources already, and you can check it out here. If you would like to get involved or if you know of a resource that should be included let us know!

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